Preparatory English Language Course

Area of Studies

other areas of study



Course Duration

1 academic year (2 semesters)


Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Tuition and Other Fees

Tuition fee
3300 EUR per year, 2300 EUR per semester
Application fee
17 EUR EU students
200 EUR non-EU students

Application Deadline(s)

15th July; 30th November

Course Description

Course Profile
The Department of Foreign Languages at Wrocław University of Technology offers preparatory courses to foreigners who want to study BSc and MSc courses in English at Wrocław University of Technology. The course includes 600 hours of English (20 hours of English per week- 5 times x 4 lessons a day), 20 hours of Polish (4 lessons a week) as well as 90 hours of mathematics and 60 hours of physics. To start the course of English students should be at intermediate level B1 as set forth in Common European Framework for Language, Teaching and Assessment. The aim of the course is to help students improve their language skills and reach B2 level (68-74 Cambridge ESOL Bulats test) and to introduce English for academic purposes in order to enable them to follow the university courses in English. The preparatory course of English lasts for the whole academic year (from October to June) and is divided into two terms. In the first semester students learn general English with professional language elements. The second semester covers a balance of language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing), grammar and vocabulary with a special focus on academic language. The course builds the skills required for lectures, tutorials, reading research and written assignments in English.
At the end of the course students take examinations in English, physics and mathematics. The English examination is at B2 level and consists of two parts a written test and an interview. Participants will be provided, free of charge, with coursebooks and other teaching materials to be used at the preparatory English course. The final examination is Cambridge ESOL Bulats online test. It tests listening and reading skills, speaking, knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. The exam registration fee is 360 zł (PLN).
Education Requirements
The University admission procedure based on secondary education certificate or degree certificate. Each application is assessed individually on its merits. If in doubt, please contact the Admission Officer.


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