Master in Management


Area of Studies

business studies and management sciences



Degree (in English)

Master’s degree awarded by Kozminski University

  • English
Course Duration

4 semesters

ECTS points



Kozminski University

Tuition and Other Fees


First year:

Admission fee 100 PLN

Tuition per semester when paid in full: 11900 PLN
Tuition per semester in 5 installments: 5 x 2400 PLN

Second year:

Tuition per semester when paid in full: 12500 PLN
Tuition per semester in 5 installments: 5 x 2520 PLN
First year:

Admission fee 100 PLN

Tuition per semester when paid in full: 9400 PLN
Tuition per semester in 5 installments: 5 x 1900 PLN

Second year:

Tuition per semester when paid in full: 9900 PLN
Tuition per semester in 5 installments: 5 x 2000 PLN

Application Deadline(s)

EU citizens - 20 September, non-EU citizens - it is advised to apply before 1 August because of the visa process

Course Description

Course Profile

The Master in Management (MiM) program offers a unique blend of academic excellence and business relevance. We provide you with the advanced knowledge and practical managerial skills to successfully work in the Industry 4.0 era.

Our lecturers are both passionate researchers and experienced managers. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized by a constantly strong position in the global Financial Times rankings. One of the key values of the program is the fact that it has been created in strong cooperation with corporate partners (e.g.Accenture,Amazon, Oracle). We help you to develop skills that will be fundamental in your future career – critical thinking, identification of management challenges and issues, and mastering of various tools and techniques to cope with them.

At Kozminski University we teach real business,but we want our students to learn business not only from one perspective. That is why we care for the internationalization of our education, and as part of the program, students have the possibility to choose one of our four partner universities in the UK, France or Portugal to participate in a Double Degree program.

The structure of the MiM program allows for a freedom in shaping your own education and career path. Recognizing the need of a hands-on approach, we offer our students five unique majors that they can choose from. As part of our curriculum, students will have a chance to face real business dilemmas, addressing social and business challenges, in a project-based approach, using case studies. Choosing the Master in Management program is an investment towards a better starting platform for your career and personal development.

The first semester of the program is ONLINE ready, if needed the classes can be conducted in a virtual environment.

  • In 2019 Kozminski University ranked 42nd in the Global Masters in Management Ranking published by "Financial Times".
  • The Master Program in Management is designed to meet global market demand for qualified graduates with a wide range of business skills, a knowledge of analytical tools, and the ability to apply them in a market context.
  • The students of the program benefit from a diversified plethora of elective courses, allow students to create their own learning path while enhancing their areas of interest. The program is delivered via a mix of taught modules, practical experience, workshops, case study analyses, and research projects – and it is designed so that participants can either begin a career in business or continue the academic experience in a doctoral program.
  • The Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University, USA (OSU) and Kozminski University invite all students of the program (both full-time and part-time) to participate in the optional Leadership & Logistics Study Tour to USA. The objective of this program is to provide KU students with an opportunity to complete part of their studies at a foreign location, thus gaining valuable international experience.
  • Graduates receive a Master in Management diploma. Additionally they get a diploma's supplement stating which major the student finished.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in international exchange programs offered by the university so as to master the skills that are necessary to work in a multicultural environment.


  • Strategy & Innovation Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Human Resource Management- Major recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management - Major recognized by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)
  • Project Management

Education Requirements

Bachelor/Master degree diploma, certificate confirming proficiency in English

Other Requirements

Admission for full-time and part-time Master programs at Kozminski University is based on 2 criteria: GPA on your previous studies and results of an online entry test. Maximum score is 100 points - 50 points for the test and 50 for GPA. Candidates who scored at least 60 points from both criteria will be qualified to the program.


Admission team:



Foreigners may apply for the following scholarships after the first semester of studies: Academic Scholarships, Sport Scholarships, Scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education