Bachelor in Financial Management


Area of Studies

business studies and management sciences



Degree (in English)

Bachelor Degree

  • English
Course Duration

6 semesters

ECTS points



Kozminski University

Tuition and Other Fees


First year:

Admission fee 85 PLN

Tuition per semester when paid in full: 11900 PLN
Tuition per semester in 5 installments: 5 x 2400 PLN


Second year:

Tuition per semester when paid in full: 12500 PLN
Tuition per semester in 5 installments: 5 x 2520 PLN

Third year:

Tuition per semester when paid in full: 12950 PLN
Tuition per semester in 5 installments: 5 x 2610 PLN

Application Deadline(s)

EU citizens - 20 September, non-EU citizens - it is advised to apply before 1 August because of the visa process

Course Description

Course Profile

The first semester of the program is ONLINE ready, if needed the classes can be conducted in a virtual environment.

 The major in Financial Management, on our Bachelor in Finance and Accounting studies, is a three-year program conducted in English that prepares students for work in corporate finance and accounting. Their knowledge and skills are developed intensively, as are their problem-solving and decision-making abilities, as they focus on formulating, implementing, and monitoring business strategy and policy.

The purpose of the program is to produce technically competent professionals with high ethical standards and a good business sense. Curriculum of the program combines the benefits of traditional accounting with a broad range of business topics reflecting the expanding needs and responsibilities of finance professionals, allowing students to face the challenges of an ever-changing global economic environment. Graduates of the bachelor program can expect to have the widest possible range of career opportunities in all areas of business.

Graduates of the program benefit from exemptions from most of the papers on the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills level ACCA Qualification (AB, MA, FA, LW, PM, FR, FM) and can expect to have a wide range of careeropportunities in all areas of business.

Thanks to the agreement signed between Kozminski University and CIMA based in London, students of Finance and Accounting program
at our Uni will have the opportunity to obtain an international management accounting diploma.

The major in Financial Management is designed in close cooperation with Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas Securities Services and S&P Global and Crisil GR&A. It helps to provide students with in-depth knowledge in the areas of corporate finance, capital markets, financial reporting and investment analysis. International accreditations and recognition by the most prominent professional associations (ACCA, CIMA etc.) attest
to the quality of the program’s educational contents.

Starting from October 2019, students will benefit from a financial laboratory based on Bloomberg’s technology. They will have access
to the full service and additional educational functions of the largest news agency in the world, specializing in providing financial information. Thanks to this solution, the learning process will be based on real analyses, indicators and information from all financial markets
in the world.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, students of our University can use the content of Bloomberg free of charge. The free subscription is available for three months from April 22nd to July 31st. Interested students will be able to use it on their computers and on their mobile phones.

The mobility window during the 5th semester allows students to participate in an international exchange program (without the need to worry about program differences with the partner institution, due to the fact that all major courses are taught in other semesters). The out-of-campus educational experience provides the students with a well-rounded perspective of the teaching process, facilitates the acquaintance with global career opportunities and expands the students’ professional and personal network of contacts.

Our students also have the possibility to sign up for a Double Degree Program with the Lisbon School of Economics & Management.

Graduates receive a Bachelor in Finance and Accounting diploma. Additionally they get a diploma's supplement stating that the graduate has finished a major in Financial Management.

During the second and third year, students are prompted to undertake a mandatory extended internship program in order to hone the acquired knowledge and skills through on-the-job training. The University’s career office as well as the program council invest their best efforts to facilitate student internship placement with the track’s and University’s strategic partners like Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas Securities Services, Citi.

The coursework is predominantly case-based thereby assuring that the acquired knowledge meets the up-to-date expectations of the industry. Students train their skills in designing and calibrating financial models suited to tackle computationally-intensive business problems, e.g., budgeting, investment project appraisal, costing, pricing, valuation etc.

Education Requirements

Baccalaureate, High School Diploma, certificate confirming proficiency in English (


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