Master in Financial Crime Prevention


Area of Studies

business studies and management sciences



Degree (in English)

II Degree (Master program)

  • English
Course Duration

2 years


Kozminski University

Tuition and Other Fees

First year:

Admission fee 100 PLN

Tuition per year when paid in full: 25 000 PLN
Tuition per semester in 10 installments: 10 x 2520 PLN

Second year:

Tuition per year when paid in full: 26 300 PLN
Tuition per semester in 10 installments: 5 x 2 650 PLN

Application Deadline(s)

EU citizens - 20 September, non-EU citizens - it is advised to apply before 1 August because of the visa process

Course Description

Course Profile

The Master in Financial Crime Prevention is a 2-year master's program conducted in English, which adresses the increasing demand for experienced specialists in the entire shared services industry, which currently amounts up to 350.000 job positions, in Warsaw alone that number is 60.000 and still rising. This industry includes IT services, accounting services and broadly defined compliance.

The program is partnered with Citibank Europe plc., which currently is one of the biggest players in the shared services industry. More than 25% of the curriculum is conducted by experts provided by our corporate partner. Citi Solutions Center offers paid internship opportunities to the students of the program.

Graduates of the program will gain the necessary skills to work properly and effectively as a manager in the field of risk management, compliance monitoring and anti-money laundering (AML).

This program is perfect for potential candidates, who already have experience, and are looking to update their knowledge regarding compliance monitoring, AML and risk control of financial institutions.

The leaders of the program are experienced professionals, who took part in multiple international projects concerning the implementation of AML departments in corporations and effective risk management. This allowed them to gain the necessary knowledge and good practices to develop a program, which also suits the needs of candidates, who just started to think about a future in financial enterprises.

Education Requirements

Bachelor/Master degree diploma, certificate confirming proficiency in English

Other Requirements

Admission for full-time and part-time Master programs at Kozminski University is based on 2 criteria: GPA on your previous studies and results of an online entry test. Maximum score is 100 points - 50 points for the test and 50 for GPA. Candidates who scored at least 60 points from both criteria will be qualified to the program.


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