MSc in Textile Engineering


Area of Studies

engineering, technology



Degree (in English)

Master of Science

  • English
Course Duration

1,5 years (3 semesters)

ECTS points



Lodz University of Technology Faculty of Material Technology and Textile Design

Tuition and Other Fees

6700 PLN per semester (approx. 1400 EUR)

Application fee - 150 PLN (approx. 35 EUR; non-refundable)

Application Deadline(s)

June/July For details check:

Course Description

Course Profile

This programme is a continuation of the first-cycle programme. It trains specialist in the field with high potential for innovation. The curriculum makes it possible to learn the skills related to design and engineering of textiles for medical, sports and transport  applications based on the latest material technologies. Student also learn to develop specialized textile applications for many different areas of human activity.


innovative technologies for textile engineering

quality engineering and humanoecology of textiles

textile design engineering

clothing science and technology

Graduates with the second-cycle degree, apart from core and field-specific courses content: textile machines mechanics, microchip systems, design, modelling and preservation of textiles and special fibers, have also mastered advanced knowledge, depending on the chosen specialization, of textile design and engineering, clothing science and technology, innovative technologies for textile design and quality engineering and humanoecology of textile.

Graduates specializing in textile engineering have knowledge and skills as regards the design of linear and flat textile products with predetermined properties and design effects and as regards using computer technology in textile design. They can select raw materials, design technological processes and prepare technical and technological documentation of the product. They are qualified to work at small, medium and large enterprises manufacturing textiles, and at research and development centers.

Graduates specializing in innovative technologies for textile engineering have knowledge and skills as regards the most advanced technologies such as: nanotechnology for textile engineering, multifunctional textiles technology and developing polymer and fiber properties. They are prepared to undertake innovative activity in the field of textile engineering and computer-aided engineering tasks.  They can manage creative and design teams; they can conduct research in the field of  textile engineering.

Graduates specializing in clothing science and technology have knowledge and skills as regards design and construction of apparel, including special-purpose clothing; organization of clothing and technical product manufacture. They are prepared to work at clothing companies, design offices and research and science centers. They are also able to run their own clothing business.

Education Requirements

Candidates have to hold a legalized diploma of first degree studies or another foreign document that entitles them to continue education at the second degree studies level.

A candidate must have very good knowledge of English proven by an international language certificate or an official document issued by candidate’s university stating that English was medium of instruction on the first degree study programme they have completed.

List of accepted international language certificates is also available on our website:


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