MSc in Management


Area of Studies

business studies and management sciences



Degree (in English)

Master of Science

  • English
Course Duration

2 years / 4 semesters

ECTS points



Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Organization and Management

Tuition and Other Fees

(1300€) for 1st semester (5500 PLN) for each subsequent semester

Application Deadline(s)

August 31

Course Description

Course Profile

Graduates have the knowledge of general engineering education as well as social and economic fields including management of the organizations in the conditions of market economy, implementation of quantitative methods in management, human resources management and other fields important for decision making.
They know the analytical and diagnostics methods necessary for designing systems for organizations and marketing.
Graduates of Management programme are fully prepared for taking managerial tasks in organizations acting in developed market economy, able to start up the business, managing the personal processes, manage independently the manufacturing assets and cooperating with foreign businesses.
They know the specifics of capital and commodity markets. Their professional activities can be directed for resolving organizational and business problems.The graduates can also acts as an advisors.

Education Requirements

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