BA American Studies


Area of Studies




Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

3 years (6 semesters)

ECTS points



Institute of the Americas and Europe

Tuition and Other Fees

  • Citizens of UE/EFTA (EEA parties) and Switzerland: free of charge
  • Citizens of Non-EU/ EFTA (EEA parties) and Switzerland: 4,000 EUR

Application Deadline(s)

From 06.06.2023 to 07.07.2023

Course Description

Course Profile

The American Studies Center is an interdisciplinary research and higher-education institution of the University of Warsaw. Its faculty members specialize in various fields of knowledge about the United States and Latin America—culture, literature, arts, film, media, history, economy, politics, history of ideas, society, and law. The American Studies Center has a full-time liberal arts undergraduate program in American Studies. The program lasts three years (or six semesters). All instruction is conducted in English, by permanent and adjunct faculty. Among our permanent faculty are four US-born professors and one professor of political science from Mexico. The program covers both humanities and social sciences—literature, history, political science, sociology, as well as the interdisciplinary field of cultural studies. That last field, cultural studies, is the leading one in the program. The ASC American studies program is one of the largest in Europe. It’s also unique in Poland in that it’s interdisciplinary and includes a comparative perspective on the US vis-à-vis Latin America. It’s also unique in that it’s an all-English program, thus promoting intercultural understanding and international exchange. Our American studies program teaches how “to address the problems of the modern era—locally, regionally, and supra-regionally,” and helps develop “skills most looked for by employers on today’s job market” (from the mission of the UW Institute of the Americas and Europe to which the ASC belongs).
The program includes obligatory courses introducing students to the five major disciplines as well as elective courses helping students expand their knowledge within individual disciplines, in particular knowledge relevant to research projects which students engage in for the purposes of their BA theses. The program also provides for courses on research methods in humanities and social sciences as well as courses in academic writing in English. Research grants of up to 5,000 PLN allow our best students to travel abroad for research purposes to other American Studies libraries in Europe or the United States and to conduct empirical research there. The current study program is available on the website of American Studies Center.

Education Requirements

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