MA Oriental Studies – Inner Asia: Mongolian and Tibetan Studies


Area of Studies

languages and philological sciences



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

2 years (4 semesters)


Faculty of Oriental Studies

Tuition and Other Fees

free of charge

Application Deadline(s)

from 06.06.2023 to 10.09.2023

Course Description

Course Profile

Inner Asia, with Mongolia and Tibet, is a region of fascinating cultures. This is where the Mongol Empire and Tibetan civilization came into being. The interdisciplinary program of studies acquaints with the history of the region, languages used in the past and at present (Mongolian and Tibetan) as well as with many aspects of culture, including religion (Buddhism, Shamanism), literature and art.

The program has been based on many years of experience and practice in teaching and researching problems of the region of Inner Asia, particularly Mongolia and Tibet.

The program runs for two years (four semesters). All classes are offered in English.

Teaching staff consists of scholars who are experts in the field. Language classes are conducted by native speakers. Additionally, in order to upgrade their qualification and language skills, students have the possibility to travel to Mongolia for a language or research training.

The graduates will be qualified to take up posts in public administration, universities, national or international institutions and organizations, especially within the domain of culture.

 In order to receive the Master's degree (official title, in Polish Magister), the graduates will be required to write a Master's thesis and pass the examination.

Education Requirements

Information on qualification procedure is available at: