MSc in Metalcasting Engineering


Area of Studies

engineering, technology



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

3 semesters


AGH University of Kraków

Application Deadline(s)

summer time (June - September)

Course Description

Course Profile

The purpose of education in the field of Metalcasting Engineering (CAST) for the Advanced Manufacturing Industry, conducted at the Faculty of Foundry Engineering, is to prepare engineers with the ability to use knowledge from basic disciplines, metallurgy, alloys with special properties, metal and alloy processing, science of casting materials and materials, mold technology and casting defects, thermal technology, computer networks and computer simulation systems in technology. Utilization of technological waste and ecology in individual and team engineering activities in industrial production conditions in large and small metallurgical and foundry plants. Metal processing plants, laboratories of research facilities of plants, design and consulting units and other economic and administrative units where technical knowledge is required.

Taking into account the connections between foundry and other branches of the economy, the main focus of education is on foundry technologies for advanced manufacturing.

The experience gained so far shows that the graduates of the Faculty of Foundry Engineering AGH are well prepared for the requirements of all aspects of modern  foundry and  excel at methods, designing and implementing modern technologies as well as managing foundry production in advanced manufacturing.


Programme details - contact:

Faculty of Foundry Engineering

Magdalena Kawalec, PhD, DSc, AGH University Professor


phone: +48 12 617 38 95;
phone: +48 885 974 251




Recruitment details - contact:

Department for International Students

phone: +48 12 617 50 92


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