MSc in Chemical Technology: Chemical Technologies in Energy Sector


Area of Studies

engineering, technology



Degree (in English)


  • English

Faculty of Energy and Fuels and Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics

Application Deadline(s)

winter time (January - February) and summer time (June - September)

Course Description

Course Profile

The MSc programme „Chemical Technologies in Energy Sector” offered by the Faculty of Energy and Fuels AGH University of Science and Technology focuses on the important aspect of energy production – the application of cleaner energy systems, both where fossil and alternative fuels are concerned. Coal, though still  believed to be a good medium-term solution for energy production, as it is an abundant energy resource and guarantees energy security, results in a lot of pollutants, among them CO2, and is made responsible for the degradation of the environment and climatic changes. Thus new and modern technologies in connection to traditional fuels, as well as renewable and alternative fuels are necessary. In both, chemical technologies play a special role. The program aims at educating new specialists, who not only understand, but may also apply and further develop methods using renewable fuels, such as biomass, advanced liquid fuels, or alternative fuels,  e.g. GtL (gas-to-liquid) or BtL (biomass-to liquid). An important element of the program is also modern methods of energy production via gasification (of both traditional fossil fuels and biomass), fuel cells etc. Additionally, environmental protection and CO2 mitigation processes are discussed. The specialists formed in the programme will have knowledge in chemical technologies focusing on cleaner energy production. The technical knowledge will be supplemented by courses on planning and forecasting in energy systems and energy policy, as well as those shaping innovative and business skills, such as Business Planning in Energy Sector or Leadership and Team Management. The program offers a possibility of preparing an MSc thesis either in well-known EU universities (via Erasmus+), or in cooperation with industry.

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 Programme details - contact:

Faculty of Energy and Fuels

Bogdan Samojeden, PhD
phone: +48 12 617 21 23

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Department for International Students

phone: +48 12 617 50 92


Next begins
October (after summer time qualification) or February/March (after winter time qualification)