PhD, Mechanical Engineering [IMe]


Area of Studies

engineering, technology



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

4 years


Doctoral School at Gdańsk University of Technology

Tuition and Other Fees

Only application fee. Education at the Doctoral School is free of charge.

Application Deadline(s)

21.06.2021 – 08.07.2021

Course Description

Course Profile

The program is primarily focused on modern theoretical (cognitive) and practical (applied) issues in mechanical engineering, in particular: power and thermal engineering, efficient and ecological energy systems, operation diagnostics of marine combustion engines: diesel and turbine, Stirling engines powered by low temperature sources, energy storage to optimize the operation of energy generation systems (including heat, cold and electric power storage) using, among others, phase change materials, machine dynamics and mechatronics, multibody systems dynamics, systems for ship industry and power engineering, ships, boats and off-shore constructions, hydraulic drives, gearboxes and pumps, application of mechatronic solutions,  biomedical engineering and biomaterials, biomechanics, surface electromyography, rehabilitation devices, implants, biological reactions, friction and wear, tribology, experimental bearing research, hydrodynamic lubrication, environmental degradation of engineering materials, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) methods to monitor the equipment structure state, manufacturing techniques, rapid manufacturing and rapid tooling, fracture mechanics, abrasive machining and flat grinding, computer aided manufacturing and process planning, bio-machining.  

 The program is designed to prepare the PhD student for independent research and to give him the opportunity to learn about the latest research results in the field of mechanical engineering. The program includes obligatory and facultative classes as well as lectures led by visiting professors. One of the most important elements of education is individual contact with a supervisor and participation in research conducted under his leadership. 

Education Requirements

A person who holds a master's degree, a master's degree in engineering or an equivalent degree or a diploma giving the right to apply for the doctor's degree (doctoral, PhD) in the country in whose higher education system the university that issued the diploma has been operating, has the right to apply to the doctoral school. In the absence of a diploma due to waiting for it to be issued, an applicant for the doctoral school should submit a certificate from the university acknowledging the defense of the master's thesis. In the absence of a diploma due to waiting for the date of the master's thesis defense, the applicant for the doctoral school should submit a relevant statement. In such a situation, the applicant may be enrolled and accepted conditionally only, and his/her admission to the school will be possible, provided that the diploma is delivered until matriculation.

In cases justified by the highest quality of scientific achievements, a person who is a graduate of first-cycle studies or a student who completed the third year of long-cycle studies may be admitted to the doctoral school. The decision regarding admitting such applicants is taken by the school director.

The field of studies completed by the applicant for the doctoral school must correspond or be related to the discipline in which the candidate is to prepare a doctoral dissertation at the doctoral school. Persons who have completed studies in other fields need to indicate courses included in the first- or second-cycle studies concerning content from the area relevant to the discipline of doctoral training programme. In the case of such persons, the Admissions Committee takes the decision on further steps of enrollment.

To be admitted to the doctoral school an applicant needs to prove his/her knowledge of the English language, by having a certificate of at least B2 level. The list of certificates confirming knowledge of the English language at the required level is given in Annexe No. 4 of Admissions Rules. The certificate is not required from persons for whom the English language is the mother tongue and from people for whom the English language was the medium of instruction during their studies at a higher education institution.

Other Requirements

Before applying please get acquainted with the information provided at our webpage for candidates -

Before registration at our application system candidates are requested to contact a prospective supervisor within the discipline relevant for the chosen doctoral dissertation research project in order to get his/her formal approval. This is a basic requirement and without such a consent you cannot proceed any further.


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