PhD, Physical Sciences [NF]


Area of Studies

mathematics, informatics



Degree (in English)


  • English
Course Duration

4 years


Doctoral School at Gdańsk University of Technology

Tuition and Other Fees

One-time and non-refundable payment of an application (admission) fee payable to the account indicated in the application (admission / recruitment) system -> PLN 300.

Training at the Doctoral School is free of charge.

Application Deadline(s)

from 22 April 2024 – until 13 May 2024, at 11:00 AM

Course Description

Course Profile

The programme is aimed at training of the doctoral students in innovative and novel techniques, methodologies, implementations in Experimental and Theoretical physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics and Optics and related fields of knowledge. The programme includes obligatory and facultative courses which highlight the traditional methods and modern advances in physics, and also lectures by visiting professors from various fields, who will spread their knowledge of their respective research areas. The most important topics covered by the programme are: Experimental and Theoretical Physics (including quantum information theory, special functions applications , applied acoustics, organic photovoltaic cell physics and electromagnetic field propagation through plasmonic nano-systems) and Atomic and Molecular Physics and Optics (including low- and intermediate energy electron interactions with molecules , computational methods in atomic physics, relativistic effects in atoms, photophysics of light-harvesting molecular systems and supramolecular photocatalysts for hydrogen generation, photophysical and photoelectric properties of organic materials and organic photovoltaic cells, experimental polarimetric studies). 

The programme provides the doctoral students with the high-level background in the fields of theoretical and experimental physics, ranging through a wide plethora of industries, enables them to develop their own ideas and concepts and gives skills to work in a team.   

Other Requirements

Before applying please get acquainted with the information provided at our webpage ->


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